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Cool Cinch Thermal Bag

-Keep drinks cool and fresh

-Approx. 18.5"Hx14.5"L

-Machine Washable

-Personalization available

We are in partnership with various organizations that support our mission and are "serving" in the community. We invite you to join this organization as they look to raise funds for to further promote the mission and vision. Thank you for purchasing the items below. 

This month's organization is A Males Place. The Males Place aims to provide life skills and other help to 12-18-year-olds so they will develop into responsible adults. We provide comprehensive and preventive health educational programs, enrichment experiences and resources necessary for appropriate manhood development. This awesome program is lead by Baba Reggie Singleton.

Reggie Singleton has been named the 2011 recipient of the National Whitney M. Young Award by the Boy Scouts of America. This award is to commemorate the outstanding service of an individual working with youth and families in Scouting outreach programs. 

We thank you purchasing the products below to assist in the warriors continue to excel, grow, travel, and are planted into the Kings that our city, community, and country need. 

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              Fundraising Items-All Year Long!

​Thank you for assisting this organization by purchasing the items below. 

Donate To A Veteran 

  • ​$40 per bag, 50% of the proceeds support AHB
  • Use a great lunch bag or gym bag!
  • Very Large and keep your water ice cold!
  • Donate to a Veteran or dependants for needed items.

Purchase For Myself

Large Utility Tote

-Wire Support around opening

-Approx. 11.75"Hx21.5"Lx10"D

​-Personalization available