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Welcome military families in Mecklenburg County. We are so honored to serve the needs of your family especially your dependents. All members of a household sacrifice in someway when there is member serving. We invite you to enroll your dependent(s) in the Future Hero's S.T.E.A.M. Program. This affordable, high quality, program will offer your dependents and family assistance in academic and family needs based assistance. Call us today at 704.380.7686 for more information or complete the three easy steps below. Are you a Retired Teacher, College Intern, or Young Person ages 18-24 looking or an  adult looking for community service hours with a passion to serve Veterans and their families? We would love for you to join the team! Please complete an employment application and a member of our staff will contact you soon. THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY OPEN TO DEPENDENTS OF MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS. 

Thank you for being a Sponsor and supporting this program .

Veterans and their families appreciate your sponsorship. 

Join our talented team today! We are looking forward to putting together an exciting team that has a heart to serve Veterans and their families.

We are looking for personnel interested in this unique opportunity.

  • Retired Teachers or Certified Teachers with less than 3 years of experience.
  • College(undergraduate and graduate) Interns in the following fields: Military Science (ROTC), Education, Business Administration, Communication, Visual and Performing Arts, Social Work, History, STEM, Community Health, Military and Foreign Language.
  •  Young people ages 16-24
  • Call 704.380.7686 or complete the interest form below